Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ric's Epic Adventure - Part 1: The Adventure Begins

After a very long Summer, my 2 week vacation is finally here. This is the first time I had 2 weeks in a row off since the early '90s, and man, am I pumped!

Right now, i'm waiting to get on the first of three flights that will eventually take me to Cody, Wyoming, where I will be trekking to Yellowstone National Park tomorrow. This will be the first of several National Parks I intend to visit and i'm hoping to get a lot of great pictures.

Anyway, I seem to have gotten off to a less than auspicious start. As I made my way thru airport security I was told that I was randomly selected for a more thorough search! Maybe I was looking suspicious with my giant backpack filled with photo gear.

After making it successfully thru the screening process, I'm told by the kind folks at Continental Airlines that my backpack will probably not fit in the bin, so it is going to have to be gate checked. Not good... Be back soon...

On the plane now... It's a smallish commuter to Cleveland. My seat is both a window and an aisle. I was able to move the camera and 3 lenses into my padded messenger bag, so i'm glad I brought it. What I didn't bring was a jacket. I left it in the car when my wife, Diane dropped me off. She called just before I boarded to let me know. It may get down to the 20s in and around Yellowstone so, I may already know what my first purchase will be.

That's it for the first report. Just touched down in Cleveland and I have full bars so I'm sending this puppy now! This may be a bit of a learning process since it's the first time blogging from the iPad!

- Posted from my iPad

Location:Albany International Airport and the sky!

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